Who we are

Having worked in many successful avenues, the CEO Leo Cunningham decided to work in an avenue that is truly rewarding and leaves a positive legacy, where people can make a much more sustainable future.

We think everyone has something special to offer this beautiful, wonderful planet and we want to give people some amazing tools to help them learn, have fun, connect with others, inspire and be inspired and lastly, help everyone play a good part in helping our precious world.

Why we exist

We exist because of the people who want to learn something and want to live an awesome, fun-filled and inspirational life whilst doing some good on this planet. 

We think these people are the hope for the future no matter who they are, no matter what their age, their skin colour, their religion or anything else for that matter. 

Want to find out more? This is how our network joins together. Let’s create one sustainable future for everyone.


The RYVIAS family

Leo C. CEO and Founder

“Life is a beautiful thing. Be grateful, have fun and celebrate the natural world.”

A bit about me

Imagination is amazing. I’m a dreamer. I dream of beautiful things for a beautiful world. When we were born everything was a massive adventure and as kids we were all equal. Some brown, some dark and some pale but none of that mattered. Isn’t it time to treat each other and the world with a sincere appreciation? Aren’t we all just kids that have forgotten how to celebrate the life we have? Smile today. Be grateful for your world. Repeat.
My favourite course

Ben Cunningham the DoE

"Your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you want to attract positive and healthy relationships, be one!"

A bit about me

I might be like Florence Nightingale but I’ve always loved the idea of helping make a happier, healthier planet. I love my music, my sports and generally just being in the outdoors and embracing feeling alive. On all my travels, I can honestly say I've learnt from every single person I've spent time with so the idea of being part of a network that creates an amazing environment is a privilege.
My favourite course

Tamar Calisse

The way you do anything is the way you do everything

A bit about me

I developed an interest in the areas of sustainable development, business and human rights, sustainable business and corporate social responsibility during my masters in international law, so to be able to work, contribute and educate in this field is a dream.
My favourite course

Wil Ng

"Do or do not there is no try"

A bit about me

Tried to be the next Steve Irwin but now I'm here I guess...
My favourite course

Our Vision, Mission and Values

"My sincere wish for everyone is that you will become aware of just how precious this life is, that you will respect yourself and your neighbours and work together for a joyful, sustainable existence. If you want life to happen the way that you want and live in a world that you respect and enjoy, then join us, let's not leave our planet to somebody else’s plan".

Leo Cunningham