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Eco Travel Trends to Get Excited About

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The sustainability wave has modernised the way we travel. In fact, according to’s 2019 sustainable travel report, 55% of today’s global travellers are more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were in previous years, and 70% of people say they are much more likely to choose accommodation that they know is eco-friendly.

With 2020 being the kind of year that it was (yikes!) we are bound to see the travel bugs off on new adventures as soon as they can be and since the sustainable travel bandwagon won’t be slowing down anytime soon, why not get excited about these 8 eco travel trends you are guaranteed to see! 


From Barcelona to Machu Picchu, overtourism has taken its toll on popular destinations.  Luckily, more and more travelers are starting to venture in the opposite direction and visit places that are often overlooked.  There are so many cities and countries in this world boasting hidden wonders and welcoming residents, whose economies would also really benefit from the extra tourism! 

If you love Venice, why not try Trieste?

Like Phuket? Try Kep. What about Lisbon? Give Guimarães a go instead!

Think Minimalist

Minimalist holidays, like treetop hotel retreats, are the perfect way to unwind and help you put life back into perspective. Why not check out Swedish Lapland’s world famous treehotel built high in the trees and overlooking a frozen valley. 

They are a wonderful way to escape the stresses of the city, get away from technology, and focus on your wellbeing surrounded by nature.

Slow It Down

When you arrive at your destination, relax. Unwind. Immerse yourself in the local food, the local wine, the local people.  Hire a bike and explore the city at a slow, enriching pace. Stay a little longer so you don’t have to cram it all in.  



Like camping, but with comfy beds and outdoor hotubs, and the added bonus of not having to lift a finger once you get there! 

There are so many places – probably closer than you think – that offer you the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and still maintain a balance between wilderness and home comforts. This is especially handy if regular camping isn’t your thing, and you’re wanting to avoid air travel!

All Aboard

It is a well known fact that train travel emits much less CO2 than travelling by air, and people are really considering this when booking holidays. 

Some train operators are going the extra mile, transforming our experiences onboard with excellent sleeping arrangements, city stopovers and fine dining. Check out the Glacier express in Switzerland!

Europe is a well connected, closely-knit world when explored by train, jumping from city to city cheaply and with minimal carbon footprint.

Off Season Soujourning

Coupled with undertourism, travelling off-season helps to drive down the heaving crowds of tourists, and as a result decreases the other issues that follow overtourism, such as pollution. It will also save you heaps of money!

The Eiffel Tower is just as wonderful in the wintertime, and Japan is just is beautiful in the Autumn as it is during the cherry blossom season. 

The Growth of Plant-based

More travellers than ever before are on a veggie-based diet, and that means hotels and cities across the globe are learning to cater to their tastes. 

Restaurants are offering more plant-based dishes and using ethically sourced ingredients, whilst hotels are expanding their toiletry ranges to include vegan alternatives!


As you can see, the realm of travel is rapidly evolving.
And the absolute best thing about these trends? You don’t have to be a hardcore environmetal enthusiast to enjoy them, just a regular adventure-loving human being. Travel trends may fluctuate all the time, but the overall desire to explore the world in a less-harmful way won’t be changing anytime soon. In fact, it will only become more popular! 

Aviation industry experts even predict that there will be a third era of aviation soon – one which will no longer rely on fossil fuels. How amazing is that?!

So next time you’re planning a getaway, why not see where an eco-friendly adventure will take you.


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