How long does learning take?

RYVIAS believes that learning should be a breeze. It needs to compliment your life and your lifestyle rather than take over it. As a result we try to make learning as bitesized as possible! Some courses may take 5 minutes and some 5 months but everything is measured so you know exactly what you are learning and what’s next.

Is my progress saved?

Absolutely. As a web-app (for now), you’ll need to be online to log your learning but as long as you have a signal on your phone, wi-fi or a simple internet connection, your progress will be saved and you’ll be able to see your progress bar for each of your courses.

Can I share my course with other people?

Your courses are yours. We absolutely encourage you to talk about it on your forum and you can recommend the course to other people but you can’t directly share it.

Can I pay for a course in installments?

Currently, we don’t have phased payments but part of that is because of our profit for purpose model. Your finance directly goes towards supporting the continued development of the product and also to support good causes in sustainability, innovation and conservation.

Does my course expire?

When you buy a course, you buy it forever! You can re-visit the course as many times as you like and it is attached to your email, so you can access it through different devices as long as you can log in.

Can I re-do my course?

As mentioned before, RYVIAS wants a sustainable future and as much as we want you to be using your flashcards to top up your skills and remember what you’ve learnt, you can re-visit your course any time you like.

Do I have to pay VAT on top of my course fee?

This is Education!!!!! Like all education should be, what you see if what you get. There are no hidden costs and no additional charges.

Where can I find my courses?

Your courses are in your dashboard. Anytime you want to go to your courses, just click up the top on your profile and that’s it, you’ll be able to see all your courses past and present there to be accessed.

Where can I find my old courses?

You learning should be recognised and you deserve to conserve your knowledge so of course we keep your old courses on your home in the dashboard.

Can I be assessed more than once on a topic?

These may be aimed at improving professional standards and overall awareness of a sustainable lifestyle but that doesn’t come with pressure. RYVIAS is about joy and of course we want to check your learning but you can be tested on your learning as many times as you wish.

Can I download my course?

Unfortunately, you can’t download your course but it is stored under your email account to be accessed any time you like. When we transfer fully to an app, you’ll also find your learning will sit within that.

Is my course transferrable?

Your course stays with your email, so if you want to switch emails, contact us and we can approve your change.

Do modules count for different courses?

Your modules don’t correlate across courses and for a very important reason. When you are taking part in an accredited course, you need to provide up to date evidence.

Can I suggest a course that I would like to learn?

RYVIAS absolutely loves to hear from you! If you have something you want to learn or you think would be valuable to you, let us know and we’ll get our experts on it. Additionally, as a little incentive, you’ll be given free access to the very course you have suggested we make and if you contribute any of the content, we’ll even add you as an author.

Are courses ever updated?

Courses are constantly updated. If you sign up to a course and it updates, you won’t ever lose your completed state but it will mean that you can go back and potentially get even more from the same course so do check back in. RYVIAS will always keep you notified.

Do I get proof of completing a course?

Badges, certificates and points that are all socially shareable are gained when you complete a course. This can be used to add to your CV, to boost your LinkedIn profile, to interact with potential job opportunities and just to share with your friends. We want to celebrate the achievements that have been made by you and you should be able to proudly display your achievements in any way you choose.