What are the main rules of the forum?

The main rules of the forum are simple:
1, Keep talk positive. We all want the same end goal, which is why we are here so keep all communication positive. Negativity won’t be tolerated on the forums and swearing isn’t taken well either.
2, Support each other. We are one big community so if you can help someone, let them know on the forum.
3, Talk within our forums. We have created this environment to build our community so use it! We have a general forum for everyone so you can dive in.
4, Treat everyone with respect. A lack of respect for either the brand, an author or another person will result in one warning. Persistent disregard for another will result in a ban from the forum.

Can I join any forum I like?

There are a mix of forums. Some forums are open for everyone but course and project forums are only open to members or people that are enrolled.

Do I have to be registered to use a forum?

Yes, you have to be registered to use a forum. But sign up and be part of the community; it’s free.

If someone is being negative, who do I report them to?

As you can see from the section above, we want everyone to be treated with respect and for it to be a really positive environment. If anyone is being negative, please report your concern to enquiries@ryvias.com.