Can I submit a project?

Of course you can. If you have an event linked to sustainability, innovation and conservation in one way or another, please look to apply on our Make a Difference page. We’ll review it and whatever we believe to be suitable will get uploaded straight away. Even if it is pending for later in the year or you’re based on the other side of the world. If you have something that truly makes a difference and you need passionate, skilled people, we’ll look to promote it.

How can I find a project?

It’s super simple! You can scroll through our MAD (Make a Difference) project lists, find associated projects in our Storybook or Discover section but you can also use a keyword search just in our search bar!

Can I sign up to more than one project?

You want to go and save the world then RYVIAS fully support that. Sign up for as many projects as you wish but just please remember that these are real projects with real people that are looking to make a real difference. If you commit to the project, please make sure you’re willing to get involved.

Do I have to be registered to sign up to a project?

You do have to be registered as a member of RYVIAS and enrolled on the suggested course to sign up to a project.

How can I find a project near me?

It’s really simple. Just search in the search bar by typing in the nearest town or city and all projects in that area will pop up.

Can I talk with other Make a Difference Project members?

You can talk with other Make a Difference members within your groups forum. It’s really important to keep the conversation within RYVIAS so we can monitor it and make sure that both member and organisors are well looked after.

How do I talk with a project leader?

All questions to your Project leader should go through your forum. This is your primary point of conversation. It will also be really useful for others to see the questions that you might have.

How often do projects change?

Projects will chance as and when they come in. We’ll try and add projects as soon as they come in but we would suggest trying to give yourself two months to generate the number of volunteers you want for your project and for us to approve it.

Will I get paid for projects?

For any Make a Difference projects, you may be given discounts for courses by your Project leader, however any direct payment isn’t part of RYVIAS. That doesn’t mean you can’t be paid or even get employment out of it but in our Make a Difference section, these projects are primarily for people that are happy to change their community instead of looking to just make money.

Are there any restrictions for a Make a Difference project owner?

As with our forums, RYVIAS expects any project owners to treat all members with respect and talk within the forums provided. We also want you to make sure your members have to enrol in a course (free or paid) to help them be upskilled. This is all we ask of our Project Owners. In addition, we want to feature your projects, so if you want to feature within our Storybook, let us know and the success of what you do can be further featured.