How do I earn points?

You get sharing content, you keep connected, you get involved in a project, you complete a certain amount of time with RYVIAS or you complete a course, these are all worth points. The more points you get, the more tangible rewards you get and the greater the difference you can make to sustainability, innovation and conservation.

How do I earn badges?

You can earn badges in a number of ways, but the more you interact with RYVIAS, get involved with projects and get learning, the more badges you can earn… We’ll keep some a mystery for you.

Can I earn badges more than once?

For some badges you can earn them more than once!!! If you have several streaks, this will show up in your badges and if you complete the elusive “industry specialist badge” that can be earned in more than field! Keep an eye out because more badges and achievement will be available, where we’re constantly looking to provide a better product for you.

I’ve lost points and badges I should have, what can I do?

You being rewarded for the good you are doing matters to us. We keep back ups of all learning so you shouldn’t ever lose any badges or points you’ve earnt. Watch out for some of the badges though because they are time sensitive and keeping on top of your learning and your projects will earn you badges, just make sure you don’t lose them!

Can I transfer my points to a different email account?

Your points are your points. If for any reason you need to change your email address on your account, we can absolutely organise that so you don’t lose anything, however your points will stay with you and can’t be passed off to someone else (unless you donate to a project).

Can I use my learning for my professional development?

Some of your courses will have official accreditation from awarding bodies, so can be directly used but all learning can support CPD and help aid professional career development. The key thing with your learning is that we will also link you to projects so you can apply what you’ve learnt. That experience is invaluable and provides you with the skills and the connections to really make a significant difference.

Is all learning accredited?

Not all learning has official accreditation but all learning matters. We have sourced course material from industry professionals and experts for what they believe should be the key points and skills you should learn. All learning is measurable and it is recognised, so when you’ve learnt something, you’ll have a certificate that shows what you’ve completed and the skills that you’ve acquired along the journey.

Who can I donate points to?

If you see a project within our site that’s worthwhile, you can donate your points to them. This directly helps them skill their members and make a real difference to their sustainability, innovation or conservation project.

What can my points get me?

Your points will continue to get you more and more things as your journey with RYVIAS continues. You can exchange points for personal discounts on courses, on merchandise, you can donate to projects that you believe in to make a tangible difference, or you can exchange points for a tangible difference with our main cause.

How do I donate points?

Donating points is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1, Click on your dashboard and select my points
2, Choose whether you want your points donated to you, your projects or our main causes
3, Decide how many points you want to donate and then just show the world the difference you’re making!