Can I contribute my own course material?

We want a brighter, better and happy community where everyone feels great and is empowered to really make a difference. If you have something valuable that people need to know in the field of sustainability, innovation and conservation, we want to hear it!!! You can contribute course material as a volunteer or you can try to create your own courses as part of a specific set of UGC courses.

Can I sell my own courses?

You can sell your own courses, as long as they align with our brand values. We have a very simple system where you will receive a report of how many sales you have achieved throughout the month and we’ll then send you your income. We do retain a percentage of course fees to directly put back into projects and improve the service, so if you want to add your own courses, know you’ll be making a difference to the environment, to a sustainable future, you’ll be inspiring students and you’ll be generating an income from it too.

What is my income from selling my courses?

For every sale that is generated from your course or courses, you’ll receive 50% of the profits as part of our Avenue Share model. You’ll receive a monthly email that is a report of the sales, so you’ll be able to see your entitlement. Please remember that if there are any fees for income being transferred, this will be deducted from the income.

Who owns the intellectual property of courses sold on RYVIAS?

Here’s the important thing with RYVIAS… we have a firm belief that knowledge should be shared. Our courses are there to help inform, educate and inspire but importantly to reinvest towards making a better product and invest in projects, so our courses are our own. RYVIAS encourages sharing of blogs, facts and inspiring content but with the clear understanding that it belongs to RYVIAS. Any UGC is the property of the developer and you have the independent rights to distribute on other platforms if you choose to.

What are the conditions for me selling my courses?

The conditions of selling your courses are that you are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your course and responsible for providing interaction with users within a forum. Your interaction should be within the product and not draw any RYVIAS customer away from the product. If you are found to be doing so, you will be immediately removed.

I have an issue with UGC, what can I do?

As a customer, if you have an issue with UGC, you should make comment with the specific course forum. The course contents and functionality are down to the author of that course. It is independent from RYVIAS, although we will step in if we have it reported that the author is affecting the brand name of RYVIAS or ruining the experience for our users.