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Growing Veg Made Simple! – Even if You Don’t Have a Garden

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Growing your own veg may be daunting for some. It may be the responsibility? maybe the space? or you don’t know where to start? 

Well I am here to tell you it is super easy to get into, does not require a lot of space at all and is super rewarding when you don’t have to leave your own house for produce.

Here are 10 top tips to get you started:

1. Choose the right location – Make sure there is access to sunlight, has a bit of space and is easy to get to.

2. Choose your veg wisely – You want to balance what veg or herbs you like and what you can grow in your selected space.

3. Prepare your soil – Now you can either prepare your soil using compost and natural fertilizers or what I like to do (also it’s easier) is to buy specially made soil from the get go.

4. Check when to plant – This isn’t too hard as it’s usually on the packet! Some veg need to be grown during specific seasons.

5. Plant the seeds – The first real step into veg parenthood! Read the seed packet for depth and spacing requirements. 

6. Water your babies – Gently add a spray of water onto your seeds. You want the soil moist during the growing period!

7. Weed – No not that type. Make sure you remove any weeds you find in your pots or bags so they don’t overtake the space.

8. Give them room – Like children, you gotta give them room to grow making sure they are correctly spaced out

9. Fertilize? – This is optional but you can fertilize your soil with either pre made fertilizer, eggshells, fish tank water or even kitchen compost.

10. Time to eat! – You’ve spent time and effort nurturing these babies, now you get to eat them! Harvest them when they are young and tender but only pick them when you plan to use them.

You are probably thinking “What about space? I live in a flat?”

Well this fabulous Youtuber under the name of AllAboutAnika shows you how you can make space and grow some amazing veg in a flat situated in a bustling city!

Now I myself LOVE cooking so having my own produce is an absolute must!

Here are certain veg that I grow which are incredibly easy and don’t require that much space:


These are very easy to grow in my opinion! All you need is a tomato grow bag, seeds, pots and sticks so they can climb.

1. Plant seeds in small pots and water

2. When big enough (a few inches tall) transport them into the grow bags

3. Wait (50-60 days) and reap the rewards! 

Spring onion

Essential in my kitchen. Keep the root end of the spring onion after use and grab a jar!

1.  Add a small amount of water in the jar and replace the water every 2 days

2.  After 5-6 days plant them in a pot and watch them grow for reuse! 


I love ginger and not many people think they can grow it but again it’s so simple!

1. Soak the entire root in warm water over night

2. Find the eyes of the root (two lighter coloured ends of the ginger) each ginger should have 3 and put them downwards in a pot

3. Put the pot out of direct sunlight and lightly water it every other day.

4. Look out for green sprouts and dig out to remove old ginger for re planting and place your sprout back in the pot for new ginger!


Easy and they have so many useful purposes! You don’t even need a lot of space for them to grow.

1. Cut your potatoes in half and leave in water until the roots are 4 inches long (replace water every 2 days)

2. Plant your rooted potatoes in grow bags or containers

3. Wait for the leaves to yellow and die down before you dig them up for eating!


There are no excuses! Get growing now!

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