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How does a Sustainable Fashion Influencer Stay Green?

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How do you apply sustainable practices in your daily life? And what would be your advice for people wishing to live a greener life?

Dan Pontarlier has been a teacher and a consultant in sustainability & marketing for the Hospitality and Fashion industries for almost 15 years. He is the author of From Trash to Runway, and has been able to help many who seek inspiration, help or advice related to the field. He founded his blog to share his opinions and promote sustainability in the world of fashion and hospitality. He is also the former Responsible for CSR and Environment at the Barcelona Hotels Association, advising on sustainability issues to the more than 450 hotels, as well as the author of the Strategic Sustainability Plan 2017-2019 in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council. 

Source: @dpontalier instagram

“Besides my work in sustainability for the Hospitality industry (I’m co-founder of the European Sustainable Hospitality Club, I try to improve my footprint in my personal life too: I do my own compost in the backyard, DIY projects with old furniture, I use trains instead of planes to travel in Europe whenever it’s possible… Of course, you cannot force people, because it has to be something natural and spontaneous. But I would like everyone to try to understand and experience the benefits of a more sustainable life for themselves. And day after day, more people are embracing sustainability one way or another. 

I started several years ago when I was doing an MBA focused on sustainability and ICT. At that moment I extrapolated sustainability and adapted it to everything I knew and loved: hospitality and fashion.

Now, From Trash To Runway is my first book published and it focuses on upcycling and the importance of being sustainable in our wardrobe too. 
The whole idea happened during the first lockdown. Sometimes we need to stay out of the screens to get inspiration. I am aware that this pandemic has brought many negative aspects and has increased a monotony in our daily life. The book has a digital area accessible via a QR code, with constantly updated information about the industry, database of seamsters and seamstresses and, of course, new designs. 

In upcycling there are not many limits: the important thing is to stay open-minded, use quality materials and know how to take care of them. That is not only applicable to the items we have in our wardrobe, but also our house. I am currently doing one of my pieces out of woven onion netting (those red bags where the onions are transported).”


By Dan Pontarlier 

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