Why Working Together is Important to Us

We firmly believe that a unified voice and a unified network of people make a much bigger impact. This is why at RYVIAS, we are a big supporter of others that are already involved in S.I.C.

Our Collaborators, Inspirations and Partnerships

We are hugely grateful to our growing list of collaborators and partners, for their generous contributions of time, knowledge and expertise towards making a more sustainable future. Together, we really strive to ensure every community has amazing access to useful, affordable programmes and amazing projects that create a better environment for everyone.

With support from our partners, we can continue to invest in valuable projects and causes in sustainability, innovation and conservation and create new services in response to emerging needs for every single one of our members. This includes providing the latest insights in the sector, accurate information and also access to a passionate network of like-minded individuals.

Coming Together For a Better Future

At RYVIAS, collaboration goes together just as much as the combination of learning with action! We believe that it’s so important to come together and try to support a more sustainable future for us all. That’s why time on our product equates to time supporting one of the most forward thinking environmental organisations within the UK.

Ecologi is a platform for real climate action. 

They facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year and this is why RYVIAS contributes towards our collective goals to reverse climate change with every single course purchase within our learning hub. 

RYVIAS have listened and looked to take personal responsibility and help tackle the biggest threat of our generation. Collectively, with a little input from a lot of people, we have the power to secure our future.

Some of our Incredible Network


To filter pollution as you cycle and to then reinvest and give back to other STEM developments.
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Speakers for Schools

End educational inequality by giving all young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK. Through talks from today’s influential figures via our Inspiration programme, our Experience work experience programme linking state school students to industry-leading companies and networked support partners we are helping level the playing field for young people of all backgrounds. And, we keep our services for our schools and students entirely free of charge.
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Avon Wildlife Trust

Avon Wildlife Trust is committed to enabling wildlife to survive and thrive across the region. More than 18,000 members, 3,500 volunteers and a dedicated staff team work together to make our local area wilder and make nature part of life, for everyone.
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Circular Earth

Passionate about the Sustainable Fashion Industry, inspiring others to be more proactive in making fashion a sustainable business
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Sustainability Champions

We highlight the people, ideas, and innovations protecting and healing the planet. The podcast episodes showcase individuals, businesses, and organizations who have incorporated remarkable sustainable interventions in society. Champions are interviewed and additionally post articles about the positive changes occurring all over the world which propel us in a more sustainable direction.
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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. We do this so that more people are able to harness the power of computing and digital technologies for work, to solve problems that matter to them, and to express themselves creatively.
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Green Gorilla

The Green Gorilla's mission is to help sustainability and environmental professionals overcome their day-to-day issues with project stakeholders.



Our mission is to support grassroot organizations, vulnerable small-scale farming communities, pastoralists and forest-dependent communities to restore degraded landscapes


To support Partnership members and promote environmental sustainability throughout Bristol and the West of England, providing a leadership voice and enabling collaboration and collective action across sectors towards our shared vision

Trahpek Care

Plastic Free Sea is dedicated to reaching out to as many people as possible to turn off the 'plastic tap' and clean up ocean plastic. If everyone tomorrow decided to refuse just one plastic straw, that would keep 8 BILLION straws from entering the landfills or the sea.  That's our mission!

Sus Trans

We work to ensure that the benefits of walking and cycling are enjoyed by everyone. The benefits of walking, cycling, wheeling and healthy places aren’t experienced in the same way by everyone. We prioritise work with people and in places that challenge this. We involve people with different and seldom-heard voices, to develop solutions that work for everyone.

Here's our little Collaborator, Kazuki-Jo!!!

Come and Join Us!!!

We absolutely love collaborating with organisations that share the same values as us, so whether you are just looking to impart your knowledge, have invaluable sustainable tools or consumables or you really want to make a difference by starting a project, you can reach out to us via our email.