At RYVIAS, it’s so important that we provide complete and utter honesty about exactly how our business operates. To meet the team and for more about us, you can read right here

How we operate

RYVIAS consists of a wide network of full time and part-time staff and volunteers. We are all passionate about sustainability, innovation and conservation. We all believe in a more sustainable way of life for the future and want to provide a much easier way to make this a possibility.

We run through a very simple method that allows us to reinvest and support the causes and core values that are the reason for RYVIAS existing.

Profit for purpose

This is one thing we want you all to know as valued members of our learning and collaboration hub. We’re not backed by multi-billionaires and we are not a charity. We have a very clear sense of where money is generated and where it is used. To make a profit, there needs to be a purpose for the money made and that is to go back into the things we believe in and you, our members!

Some may dream of living in a beautiful mansion and owning some tropical island, however we want a more equitable life for all and appreciate that sustainability requires everyone to benefit and thrive.

How we generate income

Income is generated through our courses, through merchandise and through our memberships (Coming soon). These are priced to allow us to reinvest directly back into SIC projects and to continue to improve user experience. Our prices reflect the dedication we have to providing value for money through real outcomes for all members.

How we use income

Income is spent to cover costs within RYVIAS, to make improvements to your learning and to reinvest back into causes that need support! We want to be able to have a whole host of success stories of individuals and communities all around the world that have been part of the RYVIAS experience. Be a part of that story with your projects!