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Rachel Kan – Circular Economy

Rachel Sheila Kan, founder of Circular Earth consultancy. Rachel is a sustainable fashion troubleshooter and consultant for inner industry, helping business to move towards sustainable and regenerative futures. Circular Earth offers courses for start ups, consultancy for established brands wanting to transition towards sustainability and the regenerative and collaboration on interesting projects.

Hi! Tell us a bit about your backstory

I have been in the Fashion industry for 22 years as a designer and design manager, building brands from trend, design & supply right through to sampling, production and creating brand images. I moved into sustainability 4 years ago and didn’t look back.  I have always stood by the fact that I don’t need to create another small sustainable brand & that my path is to help others to do so with my knowledge and skills.  I started out by creating events around sustainable fashion, loved it, met many people and learnt so much in my first years.  I started lecturing on sustainability and ethics in business at university & honed my skills with micro learning with Cambridge and recently in regenerative practice.  Sustainability is a constant learning journey and should be seen as thus as there are always new innovations, information and ideas around each corner.

So why are you passionate about this aspect of sustainability?

Fashion is one of the biggest industries to transform, has the steepest curve and I see it as a great honor to be a part of the ripples for the future.  For many years I didn’t think that I could have anything to do with it, the CEOs that I worked with were only interested in growth of profit and increasing margins, which I understand for back then. Now business as usual is simply not enough. I am passionate about creating sustainability, circularity and living systems thinking from within the industry to make sure that we transition.

What’s next for you?

I have been studying regenerative living systems thinking which has given me a whole perspective on business and how to move to the future. I am placing this into all areas of my business, courses, consulting and in my projects. I am creating an ecosystem of collaborators, bringing brands access to MOQs and the ability to show transparency in a clear way as well as working with each other to bring the marketing power of one larger entity.

One piece of advice for a sustainable future

Look at whole systems thinking, and then micro into each part of the whole – each one is related to the other. Look at all possible unintended consequences of your creations.  Nothing is 100% sustainable or regenerative and it is impossible to expect such, this is a journey we all have to make collectively.

What would you recommend from RYVIAS for our audience?

I’m here to network, share my courses, consultancy and projects.  Education in sustainable futures is paramount to our survival and thrive-ability on this planet.  Mother Earth will go on without us, let’s help the diversity of all life have a future, plant, animal & human.

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