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Emma Tidswell – Inspiring the Next Generation

Emma has spent time at multiple sites throughout the world but the one passion that has driven her throughout is the desire to keep nature beautiful and free, keep fashion sustainable and keep learning. We hear the story of a very talented writer and explorer to see what she has in store and the advice for anyone that loves nature and writing.

Hi Emma! Tell us a bit about your backstory

I’ve always had a love of nature and exploring the incredible places of the world. I grew up in remote and rural northern Australia and was so fortunate to be able to connect with and explore the natural world in a truly unique location. Some of my earliest memories are of crocodiles, sunsets and ancient escarpments. After gaining a degree in business and events and travelling internationally, I saw that there is so much more that we all can be doing to engage with sustainability. I have always had a love of writing and backed up by my business degree, I started content writing in the sustainability field. I have loved working with organizations around the world and helping people to engage with a sustainable future.

So why are you passionate about this aspect of sustainability?

I think that in order to work on any problem people need to know about it, the more accurate information is out there the better. The written word has always been an incredibly powerful way for people to share and connect with ideas, causes and each other and with an issue as global as sustainability I think that it is something that we can all get behind. My love for the incredible people, places and natural environments of the world is something that inspires my passion for sustainability and has always been a big driver in my work. 

What’s next for you?

Since I began this journey, I have been continually inspired to keep sharing the amazing ideas and stories found within the sustainability fields. I think that providing a platform for sustainability-based information is so vital in fighting the climate crisis in a comprehensive way. I’ve worked quite a lot in content writing in sustainability in the fashion industry and this, as well as other areas of sustainability is something I would like to continue expanding further into.

One piece of advice for a sustainable future

Find a way to engage with sustainability, whether for you that means joining a movement, learning something new about sustainability or simply buying a keep cup, every step towards sustainability is valid. Simply starting to engage with sustainability is so important and before long one step leads to another and multiplied the world over each small change contributes to a huge impact.

What would you recommend from RYVIAS for our audience?

I think learning new things about sustainability and getting involved with the community are both really important. You can never be in a position where you know enough. The more we know about an issue the better we can make informed decisions, while connecting with a community on an issue as complex as sustainability can be a really energizing and inspiring thing.


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