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Evangeline Rowe – Eva the Vegan Activist

My name is Evangeline, some know me as Eva the Vegan. I am a sustainable living advocate, environmental science student and activist. I share all things sustainable living and ethical veganism through my YouTube channel, Facebook page and free live online workshops.

Hi! Tell us a bit about your backstory

Eva the Vegan was born at the start of 2016 when I first discovered veganism, after being vegetarian most my life and experiencing some health issues in my late teen’s veganism felt like the best way to go. I stumbled across the environmental impacts of our dietary choices whilst researching my new-found lifestyle and combined with my nature loving personality I started on my sustainability journey. One swap lead to another and soon I was seeing the world in a completely new light. Fully aware of the wastefulness and impacts we are having on our planet I decided to go back and finish school so that I could study environmental science at university.

That’s amazing Eva, we love that! So why are you passionate about this aspect of sustainability?

I am a deeply caring person and never shy away from the truth and am not afraid to use my voice and stand up for what I believe in. My moral compass guides me everywhere I go and dictates every aspect of my life as I unpack unsustainable and unethical practices in everyday products and practices for me there is no other choice, action is the only reaction to a crisis.

We fully believe in being positively proactive. What’s next for you?

I hope to complete my undergraduate degree in environmental science and go on to do a masters degree and eventually a doctorial so I can conduct my own research, lecture and inspire the next generation to be passionate, mindful and kind. And of course, to continue on my own journey, continue to educate myself about the world, listen carefully, accept criticism and grow.

So as a teacher for the future generation, what’s one piece of advice for a sustainable future?

Be more grateful

What would you recommend from RYVIAS for our audience?

Anything that educates people about climate change. I believe education is key and no two people’s lives are the same so by educating yourself and making your own mind up, making this way of life work for you that’s the only way we can sustainably live sustainably.


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