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Kenton Kephart – Sustainble soap

We have the pleasure of a man that is as involved with nature and sustainability as he is with his faith. Here’s our inspirational story from Kenton Kephart:

“Mahatma Gandhi is often credited with saying, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” The Bible says at James 2:26 that “faith without works is dead.” Positive changes starts with positive actions by each one of us. My family and I believe in a positive future and we plan to live our lives showing that.”

Hi! Tell us a bit about your backstory

I’ve been involved in volunteer work since before I could drive. I’ve been a Volunteer Zookeeper, Firefighter, Security Guard, Sign Language Instructor, Hurricane Disaster Relief worker, and a a Facilities Maintenance Coordinator. Yet, my favourite Volunteer Position is that of being a Husband and a Father. As a volunteer, the compensation is not monetary, it is so much more. I still work and pay bills like anyone else, but I only work enough to live. Why? Because, life is sacred. 

So why are you passionate about volunteering and obviously through your soap production and care for the ocean, these aspects of sustainability?

The Bible says at Genesis 2:15 that God created man “to cultivate it (earth) and to take care of it.” Gandhi who respected the teachings of the Bible, also said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed.” As I said, there are better rewards than monetary gain. And, every parent, diver, sailor and/or surfer has felt it.

That’s truly amazing! So what’s next for you?

During this pandemic, we’ve been using all-natural soap sales to fund our new website which will be ready to launch by the end of April 2021. It will have a volunteer portal to allow for multiple bloggers, more eco friendly products, and encourage positive changes. Hopefully, soon after that, we’ll be launching another vessel for a means to remove more plastic from the ocean. Until, then we’re donating any surplus of funds to PlasticBank.

Kenton, what’s your one piece of advice for a sustainable future?

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Hope creates more motivation for action than ‘doom & gloom.” RYVIAS and TrahpekMedia are trying to provide hope and the education to get there.

What would you recommend from RYVIAS for our audience?

Stop doom scrolling and learn something positive. Join the RYVIAS Community and learn how to incorporate more sustainable practices into everyday life. 


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