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Daniel Hartz Sustainability Champions

Daniel Hartz is the founder of Sustainability Champions. Sustainability Champions is a podcast and Instagram channel that highlights people who are working hard to solve the biggest environmental challenges we face today. As a fellow provider of information to this market, we’d love to be jealous but honestly, this man is as likeable as he is informative and we love him!

He is originally from California and now lives in London.

Hi! Tell us a bit about your backstory

Hi there!

I worked in finance, PR and tech before starting Sustainability Champions. I have noticed that there is always the opportunity to adopt greener practices in any industry and it is often good for business too.

Since I was a kid, I have been saving the seeds from the fruits and vegetables I eat so that I could plant them later. I always assumed this was normal. I am inspired by people who make a positive contribution to the environment and I have always wanted to hear their stories.

When my family encouraged me to interview sustainability leaders to learn about ways to take action, I started Sustainability Champions as a New Year’s resolution and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

So why are you passionate about this aspect of sustainability?

It is very motivating to receive messages from people who say that they feel happy or inspired after looking at the Sustainability Champions Instagram channel. That was precisely the reason I started it: as a positive alternative to the doom and gloom we see every day in the news. There are people, companies and communities all over the world finding ways to both heal and protect the planet and I wanted to highlight their work in one place to inspire people to find ways to contribute.

What’s next for you?

I would love to continue building the Sustainability Champions media channel, sharing positive messages and inspirational stories of people who are doing what they can to protect and regenerate the environment and raise awareness for their causes. The goal is to inspire millions of people to act!

RYVIAS are absolutely on board with that Dan. So, what’s one piece of advice for a sustainable future?

Education. After speaking with over one hundred experts and asking what they recommend for people to do to be more sustainable, the answer always boils down to education. It is important to learn about the problems we face and it is equally important to learn about the potential solutions available to us. That way, we can take well-thought through actions to make a positive impact.

What would you recommend from RYVIAS for our audience?

Use the RYVIAS tool to learn as much as you can about the environmental challenges we are facing and about the solutions people are already working on. From there, you can make decisions in your own life on how best to contribute to protecting and healing the planet.

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