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Sustainable Chefs We Love (and you should too)

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Sustainable Cooking can be exciting

Sometime the idea of having a sustainable diet can feel quite limiting. How can you eat out and still be good to the planet??


As well as showing you some sustainable recipes and some suitable practices, we’d like to show you just a few of the growing number of chefs worldwide leading the way when it comes to fine dining and planetary health too.

The most amazing, creative recipes can be found in some of the most amazing restaurants and the culture of having sustainable options as well is luckily trickling down to high street restaurants and recipe books too.


If ever you’re fortunate enough, try the absolute delights of these experts.

Daniel Humm

Our first leading innovator is Daniel Humm. He announced that from June 2021, his restaurant, Eleven Madison Park  would serve only vegan food. This is incredibly brave for a restaurant in the spotlight and it shows just how much Daniel is truly committed to the idea of a sustainable future for us all.

Ben Shewry

One of my favourite places in the entire world is the beautiful restaurant of Attica. Ben Shewry has created a majestic experience at his Melbourne restaurant Attica. With a focus on sustainability of fish and seafood, using only seafood rated as most sustainable, Ben also uses plenty of native herbs and leaves, focused on local produce and encouraging others to do the same. If you get the chance, you must eat at one of the world’s best restaurants and see how delicious sustainable cooking can be.

Angel Leon

Angel Leon runs the Aponiente (A three-Michelin-star restaurant) in Cadiz. In Europe, Angel is one of the  standard-bearers for sustainable seafood. Angel loves to get creative and ensure that more than just the  fifth of the sustainable seafood is utilised. The restaurant genuinely works with marine biologists to maximise sustainable marine life and avoid overconsumption of any of his dishes. His approach of ‘if it’s in the ocean, we can use it’ hopes to turn the tide of opinion on how best to utilize seafood in a way that means we can still do the same in a hundred years from now.

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