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Sustainable Cities In 2021

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Thanks to the increasing attention towards crucial topics such as sustainability and environmental protection, which represent the core of RYVIAS, more and more cities around the world are becoming eco-friendly. What are some of the most sustainable and eco-friendly cities? Let’s dive into a quick eco-friendly cities tour!


Let us start our quick tour by admiring the suggestive landscapes of Northern Europe. One of the most notable examples of eco-friendly cities is the charming Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Famous for being the capital of The Little Mermaid, the city aims to be the first city ever to reach net-zero emissions; that will be achieved in 2025. For those who are not familiar with the term, ‘net-zero’ indicates achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, which can be carried out by important eco-friendly strategies that go from the plantation of forests to the replacing of dirty power plants.

How can Copenhagen citizens reach this green dream? Crucial is the drafting of a Smart City project which, thanks to a digital infrastructure spread across the territory, allows for the collection of data, monitoring of consumption and emissions as well as reducing waste. 2025 is not that far and we all cannot wait to see The Little Mermaid able to flipping her fins in a beautiful and eco-friendly city!


Moving to another beautiful continent, we dock in Australia!

In 2020, the most populous Australian city, Sydney,  reached an impressive goal: indeed, it became a city entirely powered by renewable energy (energy that is collected from renewable resources like wind and solar energies), as Hello Magazine reported last year in July.

The Australian city’s journey towards sustainability is not new; for instance, it has been carbon neutral since 2007, and here at RYVIAS we are happier than ever to see how it continues to gear towards eco-friendly targets. As a matter of fact,  the next step is to accomplish the plan that aims to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by 70% by 2030. Everyone will be healthier than ever, including animals: from sleepy, fluffy, and lazy koalas to energetic and speedy kangaroos, Sydney will be ideal for eco-friendly souls!


Let us fly to the United States for our last stop. In the heart of California, the iconic and dreamy city of San Francisco surges to take its place among the most eco-friendly cities by small but fundamental actions.

Beyond the fact that the LGBTQ+ friendly city has been considered as the ‘greenest’ major city in the United States multiple times – for instance, in 2011, San Francisco led the United States in environmental sustainability, as reported by Siemens AG, which considered categories such as CO2, emissions, energy, water and air quality to build the list – today, it cares for other forms of sustainability, too, confirming that its interest towards sustainability is not temporary.

The Good Food Purchasing Programme aims to provide San Francisco hospitals and jails with sustainable production systems which are able to reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. These and additional practices will improve the environment and the health of the people who are in jails and hospitals, extending the welfare to those who work in the food system.

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Author: Francesco Brunetti 

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