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Sustainable Style: The Fashion Organisations Changing The Sustainability Game

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An industry that has struggled with overconsumption, pollution and green-house gas emissions, the fashion sector is not one that has always been synonymous with sustainability. Responsible for a staggering 2.1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in just 2018, it is clear to see that the industry has a way to go in improving its sustainability practices.

However, for those sustainable fashionistas out there, hope is not lost. New fashion brands are emerging that champion sustainability and many traditional brands are adapting their offerings to create fashionable looks that are kinder to the planet.

Proving that sustainability and style never have to be mutually exclusive, these are five of the fashion brands working to make a change in the industry.

Happy Earth
The ethos behind Happy Earth is all right there in the name, the organisation acts in a way that not only makes consumers happy but makes the Earth happy too. Made with only sustainable textiles, you can score a trendy tee, hoodie or even blanket from the Happy Earth range. 100% carbon neutral, fair trade certified and competitively priced, Happy Earth is proving that stylish clothing doesn’t have to cost the world.

People Tree
People Tree is one of the masters of sustainable and fair clothing. The company’s ten sustainability policies cover every step of the clothing lifecycle from organic farming right through to biodegradable materials to reduce textile pollution in landfill. With all items fair trade and with a string of environmental certifications, People Tree are reimagining what the fashion industry should be.

Girlfriend Collective
Whether active wear to you means hitting the gym or something comfy to wear while binging the newest Netflix series, Girlfriend Collective is the must-have brand. The Girlfriend Collective range is cleverly crafted from plastic waste that would be otherwise polluting the planet. A brand that is taking recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles and turning them into chic activewear styles, you can wear Girlfriend Collective guilt-free whether you hit the gym or not!

The home of sustainable contemporary style, if you are heading to a trendy London café or out to a chic restaurant dinner, FRANKS London will have a sustainable style for you. Using upcycled fabrics and a made to order model means that every FRANKS London look is sustainable while also providing an individualism that can be rare in the modern fashion market.

Rapanui Clothing
Sustainable clothing brand Rapanui exists with the mission to make fashion sustainable. Every unique design is made from organic materials in a factory that runs on renewable energy. The kings of circular fashion, each garment is designed to be sent back to the company when it’s worn out and then is recrafted into a new piece. Overproduction is avoided as clothes are only produced on an as ordered basis. Whether you are looking for a slogan tee or a stylish knit, Rapanui will have a sustainable and stylish choice for you.

Sustainable fashion is a growing field, and while the fashion sector may still have a way to go in becoming green, there are brands out there that are leading the charge to a sustainable future. Whether it is a circular fashion model, sustainable fabric solutions or a carbon neutral scheme, these commendable brands are working to make a real difference in the fashion industry.

After all, who ever said that style couldn’t be sustainable?

By Emma Tidswell


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