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The Smog Free Project: Creating Clear Skies and Works of Art

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Fed by increased levels of urbanisation, travel and industry and posing major risks to both the environment and human health, air pollution is an area of global concern.  Due to the widespread and severe impacts of air pollution, solving this challenge has been included in the UN Environment Programme and is estimated by the World Health Organisation to be responsible for 7 million deaths annually.

 A complex problem, tackling air pollution requires an innovative approach, and the commendable Smog Free Project is providing just this approach.

Daan Roosegaarde and the Smog Free Project

Up for the challenge of solving the air pollution dilemma, is Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde. With an ethos that technology, art, and urbanisation should merge to create innovative solutions, Daan leads the Smog Free Project.

Inspired to make cleaner skies for us all, Daan and his team have created innovative smog vacuums. Using positive ionisation technology, the project’s SMOG FREE TOWER can clean an impressive 30,000m3 of air per hour and runs using green energy. These 7 metre tall towers provide free and local clean air solutions.

Knowing that technology and art go hand in hand, Daan has also now created the Smog Free Ring. A ring created from compressed smog particles captured by the SMOG FREE TOWERs in operation in both Beijing and Rotterdam. Truly works of art, these rings help to fund the Smog Free Project and have been featured at the National Museum of Switzerland. The rings are also becoming a popular sustainable choice for engagement rings, bringing a sustainable option into the jewellery industry.

Bicycles, Billboards and Dreaming Big

Not content to stop there, Daan recently collaborated with students at UDEM University to launch the SMOG EATING BILLBOARD. The SMOG EATING BILLBOARD now creates clean air for over 100,000 people every day.

Also in production with the Smog Free Project is the Smog Free Bicycle, a bicycle that not only gets the rider from A to B, but sucks in and cleans polluted air. With the filter device attached to a standard bicycle, the Smog Free Bicycle creates an innovative solution and provides a way to create clean air on the morning commute. The design behind the project is inspired by the manta ray and is in development with Chinese bike sharing organisation, Ofo.

Having won a string of international awards and with campaigns launched in China, the Netherlands, South Korea, Poland and Mexico, Daan and the Smog Free Project are taking an active approach to the air pollution crisis.

Through innovative inventions such as SMOG FREE TOWERS, SMOG EATING BILLBOARDS and Smog Free Bicycles, the Smog Free Project is creating a solution that is practical and easy to use. With stunning Smog Free Rings, the project is proving that sustainability is not only important but can be beautiful too.

The commendable concept behind the Smog Free Project is summed up no better than by Daan himself: “True beauty is not a Louis Vuitton bag or a Ferrari, but clean air and clean energy.”

Daan and the innovative Smog Free Project project are working hard to create cleaner skies for us all.


By Emma Tidswell

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