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The Wonder App For Sustainable Buying

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If you are reading this then you probably want to do the best for the environment whether that be what you eat, how much energy you use OR what products you buy.

Well, this ingenious new UK start up company now wants to make our environmental impact much more personal by putting it all on an app!

Source: Yayzy

Yayzy has launched an iOS app (Android coming soon!) that links to your bank account to work out the environmental impact of what you buy. Yayzy uses payment data via Open Banking standards to calculate the carbon footprint of every purchase the user makes, displaying their total monthly carbon emissions. This will make the carbon footprint calculated accurate and personal to the individual, allowing them to connect their spending to its impact on the environment.

Now you’re probably thinking well if i’ve already bought something that’s damaging to the environment then that’s that, what else can i do? Well Yayzy has thought of that too!

The user can choose to offset the purchase right then and there on the app via the carbon offsetter Ecosphere Plus. Users can also find tips to reduce their carbon footprint, find eco-friendly retailers near them or get insights into lifestyle choices that have the highest environmental impact so they can steer towards it.

There are others that have had a similar idea and that are already on the market but none quite like Yayzy. They will bring together all of a user’s spending and show them item by item as they spend what the carbon footprint of that spend is. 

This is an example of how we can use technology to become more sustainable and more conscious as to where our money goes.

If you would like to try this yourself (I am) then download it from the image below!

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