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Why Torturing Yourself About Living Sustainably Needs To Change

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Personal Accountability against Eco Anxiety

I absolutely think that personal accountability is something we can all take on board but should never feel guilty for. The balance is always going to be hard and when you see what’s going on around you, there will always be an element of feeling guilty for the things you could and should do.


When looking at sustainable practice, it’s essential to understand that it’s not always about getting it absolutely right and perfect. Stifling yourself where you’re so worried about a lack of action that you cripple your freedom to be productive can be super harmful. Doing something rather than nothing is great!

Learning about the small steps that can be made by individuals and communities coming together genuinely does make a difference and that doesn’t involve guilt at all.

The Impact of Media and Our Culture

If the media didn’t spend so much time focusing on the negativity of it all and invested more into focusing on the proactive and positive, we’d have a very different mindset. I’m in no way saying that climate change is being sensationalised because we are living in a genuinely concerning period but this just means we take action to make sustainable choices in our own life.

Of course larger corporations need to look beyond the practice of greenwashing and governments need to focus on not just punitive legislation for heavy carbon emissions but actually enabling sustainable living for everyone.

In western societies, we’ve been brought up to over consume and we’re fed over 3000 adverts and process over 65000 thoughts every day, so if we spent more time educating ourselves, we’d be less influenced by the drive to gain finance through climate insecurity.

What We Should Really Do

I don’t want to blame anyone for what is happening and don’t want to get into a cycle of negativity, pointing the finger at companies or governments. I can only look at my choices, my actions and my knowledge and think what can I do to make it that tiny bit better because it’s these choices I can truly have any control over. If everyone does this with a sustainable outlook, we all live in a much more sustainable world.

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