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Why You Should Learn About A Sustainable Diet

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What's the problem with your diet right now?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the scary noises coming from the IPCC about how severe climate change could be moving forward unless we act now but in absolute truth, for most of us, the stress of paying bills and getting through day to day hurdles can feel enough anyway.


The main problem we have is a culture built on consuming lots and having very little time for any of it. That not only means we look to consume as part of comfort but also want to do it conveniently and quickly.


There’s absolutely no surprise that some of us struggle with our self confidence and motivation to act on it. Our ‘hunger hormones’ kick in with ultra processed food and the more we have the more we want. Even if we want to eat in a healthy way, how can it be done where it doesn’t take over my life or feel like a huge effort.


Wanting to have a great body image, love your food, save money is a real challenge so let’s introduce you to a method that makes it easy.

What is a Sustainable Diet and How does it actually work?

A sustainable diet is quite a broad term and can get super complicated but what is it in simple, practical terms? A sustainable diet allows the continuity of production of food and helps the health of the environment. You can learn loads more on our fact-filled and life changing course and importantly, help sustainable treatment for farmers, support sustainable food logistics, minimising carbon output and also help our environment with sustainable shopping, cooking, eating and recycling. Here are your two key factors to consider:

What to buy

How it works

Shopping and Cooking for a Sustainable Diet

Shopping and cooking are key parts of having a sustainable diet. When you eat out, you don’t have to be a saint! To have a Sustainable Die be truly successful, it’s about it becoming a manageable way of life rather than just a temporary measure. By understanding what’s a more sustainable choice, you can still enjoy social time and help the planet too.

Stop feeling bad about your food choices by planning just a few go to meals a week that are sustainable and healthy. There are tonnes of super easy, super quick and super tasty options regardless of whether you’re cooking for 1, for a family, for weight loss for muscle definition or just because you love to cook!

In the course we provide recipe ideas and a planner so it’s quick and convenient rather than a hassle.

By understanding that not every meal needs to be completely different from the last and that it doesn’t need to include 50 items, cooking can be quick and easy and even fun!!! Honestly, who doesn’t like the idea of Pina Colada ice cream that’s pretty good for you, you can alter it for the family or just for adults, takes 20 minutes to make and can last a month (or a sitting depending on how your day has been!!!).

Quite simply, you need to learn about a sustainable diet because it is one of the major ways you can improve your life and the planet with the tiniest of changes.

Start off with simple steps. Swapping items from your regular meals for more sustainable options over time requires pretty much no thought but makes a massive difference to your health and the health of the planet.

Who can have a Sustainable Diet?

Other Credible Options

We realise there are many options that can be beneficial for the planet, for your health and don’t involve huge calorie counting, so let’s just fly through and highlight a few worth investing your time in:

Okinawa Diet – local food, seasonal farming, good fats and oils, high life expectancy, low processed, mostly fresh

Mediterranean Diet – local food, seasonal farming, good fats and oils, high life expectancy, low processed, mostly fresh

Paleo Diet – Barely processed, focused on a historical concept of the hunter gatherer lifestyle. Protein and fats come from natural sources and this diet is rich in nutrients and is something our body is naturally used to.

Vegan Diet – Taking meat out of your diet, you are removing a lot of causes for carbon output and also helping to remove one of the biggest causes for deforestation in the world. By avoiding animal based/produced products you are significantly denting the carbon footprint you have. An Oxford study suggests by about 73%!!!

Pescatarian Diet – Not everyone will feel that a Vegan or Vegetarian diet is a possibility. Sustainable fisheries are certainly there and practices are improving. You can gain valuable proteins and healthy fats with a pescatarian diet, lower your carbon footprint and not have to consider other supplements to support your diet.

Why You Should Learn

If the message isn’t clear enough let’s split it down simply:


1, It genuinely can tackle climate change

2, You’ll live longer with less health issues associated by poor diet and processed food

3, You’ll have a leaner and healthier body that looks and feels great

4, You’ll save money – £500 on average in the UK and even more within others (

5, Meal planning can be long but with a sustainable diet, you’ll eat healthy and save time too. (

Just For You

Are you ready to tell your friends about how you’ve cracked the food and body image puzzle? We want you to save the planet, love your food and be a carefree foodie, so as part of the course, we’ve included a meal planner, some amazing free recipes and have even planned out a super healthy and super tasty first month’s diet to get you started.
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